This is why you need tristar tester!

The Tristar

Tristar (or "Hydra" in newer models) is an IC on the logic board of iDevices that is used for authentication of USB devices. It's purpose is to check the authenticity of any attached cable or device via the Lightning Port and to allow or deny data transmission or charging processes. By using uncertified accessories (such as knock-off data cables or Lightning-port-fans) this very sensitive chip can easily get damaged and stop working correctly.

The Problem

The symptoms of a faulty Tristar/Hydra (no function, rapid battery drain, etc.) are mostly similar to those of a faulty battery. This is why differential diagnosis between battery and logicboard problems is very complicated. If a faulty Tristar is not discovered and a new battery is installed instead, this may bring the phone back to life instantly. However, the new battery will be damaged within weeks if not days and the symptoms will return. This not only results in damaged batteries but also in unsatisfied customers.

The Solution

Tristar tester can show typical Tristar/Hydra faults within seconds without opening the device. This enables you to detect these errors before or while checking the device in for repair and allows you to discuss the needed repairs right at the point of sale, avoiding unneeded repairs (such as battery replacements) and wasted parts.

This not only lowers your parts costs, but also increases customer satisfaction, as it is widely known that customers hate nothing more than subsequently increased repair quotes.

Test TRISTAR/HYDRA in seconds
Supports any iPad, iPod or iPhone with lightning connector (including latest models)
No more false diagnoses and wasted batteries
Integrated battery for unlimited mobility
Simple PASS/FAIL results for ease of use

Taking diagnostics tothe next level

Say goodbye to needlessly replaced batteries, dissatisfied customers and increased part and labor costs. Tristar tester helps you diagnose the mostly wide-spread hardware fault in iDevices within seconds.

tristartester is small, lightweight and comes with a super-powerful integrated battery. This makes it the perfect companion to follow you wherever you are. Take it to the BST post, to the flea market or to your field repair jobs.

Tristar tester is designed to give you results without even opening the device. Turn off the phone, plug it in and start testing. A few seconds later you will see the result. It’s as easy as it gets.

Tristar tester is a must-have tool for everybody: Helping diagnose hardware errors right at the POS, helping microsolderers verify their diagnosis or checking devices before buyback transactions. Once you used it, you will never want to miss it again.

Tristar tester was developed and produced by smartmod, a industry-leading repair center in Germany. As board level specialists, we have put our whole experience and expertise into the development of this tool. Now we are sharing it with the rest of the world.


What makes this so awesome? 

Precision measurement

Each tristar tester is calibrated individually to assure reliable and reproducable test results at every single use.

Data comparison

Each test result is compared to a database of known-good values to determine the status of each rail and give precise results.

Easy to use

Dedicated easy-mode with simple PASS/FAIL result allows safe operation without any prior knowledge. (Expert mode available as well, of course)

Safe transactions. No surprises.


A faulty Tristar/Hydra IC is the most wide-spread defect found in used iPhones, iPods and iPads. Avoid spending too much money on faulty devices by checking before the purchase is made.

Solid diagnoses. Satisfied customers.

Point of Sale

Impress your customers with precise diagnoses right at the Point of Sale. Increase customer satisfaction and earn their trust by pointing out the real problem of their phone after they had their battery replaced countless times by your competitors.

Boost your repair efficiency.

Repair centers

Stop spending time on false diagnoses and start making money. Bring your time spent on diagnostics down to a minimum and avoid wasting batteries due to undiscovered logicboard problems. tristartester helps you diagnose devices in lightspeed.


This is what happy customers look like!

This thing is seriously awesome! I won’t be wasting my time on any more iPad charging issues that’s for sure! Don’t delay buy today! 100% worth it!

Adam Fasulo

This tester has refined our triage as well as standard battery swap times. We no longer have to “babysit” battery swaps that pass the tester. I totally recommend this tool!

Loren Nunley

CEO @ The Cell Phone Doctor
We are using tristar tester in all of our 10 locations and I can tell you, these testers are worth gold. No battery replacement odysseys, comprehensible upselling of Tristar repairs, idiotproof and super professional. Very worthwile for the little money!

Sinan Bilir

CEO @ Justcom GmbH

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